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The conference will be held in the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen in downtown Shenzhen. Situated in the Luohu District, the hotel is part of City Crossing, Shenzhen’s most prestigious mixed-use commercial development, which includes China Resources Tower, Park Lane Manor and the MixC Shopping Mall. It is close to the iconic Diwang Building, Luohu Commercial Centre, Dongmen Pedestrian Street and a mere five minutes from the Luohu Station at the Hong Kong border.

Very favorable, negotiated rates at the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen mean that you can stay in this seminal building during the conference for half the price of typical rates. Please contact registration services if you meet any difficulties on booking your hotel online.  

Venue Plan

The venue will be laid out as below, showing the positions of the ballrooms, project rooms, and exhibition and catering areas (see the sponsorship section for more info).

About This Program Location

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

About Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

The Grand Hyatt Shenzhen is located in the Luohu District, the business and entertainment area of Shenzhen, not far from the crossing into Hong Kong. It is distinctive for its "upside down", lantern-shaped appearance and sloping roofs. Inside, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen has two ballrooms, a spa, and eight different restaurants.

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen is a part of the City Crossing complex in Shenzhen, which includes other buildings such as a shopping center, office towers, subway train hub, and Olympic ice skating area. With these many amenities, this building and the complex it belongs to have changed the make up of Shenzhen's entertainment district and have influenced the city.

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