Session 7B: Panel Discussion: What Makes for Innovative Tall Building Engineering?

10 April 2019
1:45 PM – 3:15 PM

The engineering behind tall buildings allows towering structures to stay steady despite strong winds, seismic shifts and pelting rains through a series of innovative and elegant approaches that are developing at a startling pace. Tuned mass damping continues to become more compact – without yielding any of its equalizing effects – while boundary-pushing structural approaches enable skyscrapers to approach the kilometer mark in height. This panel discussion among industry experts and engineers asks the question “What Makes for Innovative Tall Building Engineering?” in a comprehensive overview of recent history’s greatest engineering achievements, and the ways they will affect our skylines.

Chair: Hongyu Li
Senior Vice President, AECOM, Shanghai
Roy Denoon
Vice President, CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants, Denver
Winnie Kwan
Partner, LERA Consulting Structural Engineers, Hong Kong
Richard Marshall
Partner and Managing Director Asia, Buro Happold, Hong Kong
Adam Miller
High Rise Director, Ramboll Group, London