Session 6B: Panel Discussion: What Makes for Innovative Tall Building Façades?

10 April 2019
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Enclosures establish the physical expression of the built environment, but beyond their aesthetics, they play an immensely complex and multi-dimensional role with respect to contemporary skyscrapers, helping them divert wind, shield the interior from extreme weather, and circumnavigating the complex matters of energy efficiency at great heights through innovative strategies. The evolution of tall building façades is occurring at a rapid pace – more than at any other period in history – resulting in a constant stream of new technologies, systems, and approaches. These innovations, while varied and diverse, speak to the importance of façades, not only for the advancement of the tall building typology, but to the betterment of human habitation in all forms.

Chair: Agnes Koltay
Façade Consultant & CEO, Koltay Façades, Dubai
Lars Anders
Managing Director, Priedemann Holding GmbH, Berlin
Adrian Brown
Group Compliance Officer, Siderise, Shanghai
Robert Jan Van Santen
Technical Director, VS-A Group, Hong Kong
Moshe Tzur
Founder & Owner, Moshe Zur Architects and Town Planners, Tel Aviv