Session 4B: Panel Discussion: What Makes for Innovative Tall Building Interiors?

9 April 2019
3:45 PM – 5:15 PM

The challenge of designing the interiors of tall buildings extends to accommodating the needs of multiple user constituencies, which are bound to change over time. The increasing amount of time people spend indoors and at work has fallen under new scrutiny, and the thresholds of acceptability for indoor air quality, access to natural light, and the environmental impact of finishes and furnishings have become more discerning. Couple this with the challenges of wayfinding, continuity and differentiation across many floors, and it is clear that the interior architecture of tall buildings is a world unto its own. This panel addresses these issues and more, asking “what makes for innovative tall building interiors?”

Chair: Jing Wang
Director, North Asia, U.S. Green Building Council, Beijing
Xiaomei Lee
Regional Managing Principal, Greater China, Gensler, Shanghai
Ian Smith
Vice President, Special Projects, thyssenkrupp, Hong Kong
Jeff Tung
Senior Project Director, New World Development Company Limited, Hong Kong
Jian Zhao
Operation Deputy Director, CityGroup Design Co., Ltd, Guangzhou