For decades, tall building designers have searched for ways to maximize leasable floor space and provide as much space as possible between walls and columns. One of the most effective ways to achieve this kind of flexibility is the off-set core, which removes the vertical transportation and mechanical equipment to the side of the main floor plate, allowing clear spans and an uncluttered plan. Though the off-set core has been deployed infrequently since the late 1950s, recent developments in workplace culture, performance-based engineering and parametric design have elevated the typology to an art form.

Attendees of this off-site session at Hanking Center Tower, the world’s tallest building with an off-set core, heard from experts in the art of maximizing the sociability of workplaces through various approaches to the technique.

Venue: Hanking Center Tower

Program Hosted & Organized by:


Monday 8 April Schedule:

1:10 pm Provided coaches departed Grand Hyatt
2:00 pm Arrival & Coffee
2:25 pm Welcome from Host
2:30 pm Presentation 1
2:50 pm Presentation 2
3:10 pm Presentation 3
3:30 pm Q&A
3:45 pm Coffee Break
4:15 pm Tour of Hanking Center Tower
5:15 pm Delegates departed from off-site program on provided coach
5:45 pm Arrived at Grand Hyatt Shenzhen for an Off-Site Social
6:00-7:30pm All off-site program delegates came together for a reception to socialize and unwind for the evening

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