Innovation Award of Excellence: Robotic Installation System for Elevators

Jonathan Mansour
Senior VP Key Account Management
Schindler, Shanghai

Christian Studer
Head of New Technologies
Schindler, Lucerne

Tall Buildings of the Past as seen from the Present

Both young architects and young engineers need understand something of the past, the accomplishments of his or her great-great grandparents and later. This presentation attempts to provide a possible road to this understanding through examples both of the experiences of the authors and of projects developed by those authors.

Examples include the design and construction of the IBM Building Pittsburgh, PA (1961-1963); World Trade Center New York, NY (1963-1975); United States Steel Tower Pittsburgh, PA (1967-1971); Federal Reserve Bank Minneapolis, MN (1967-1973); AT&T Headquarters New York, NY (1978-1984); PPG Headquarters Pittsburgh, PA (1978-1984); Bank of China Tower Hong Kong (1982-1989); Puerta de Europa Madrid, Spain (1988-1996); Shanghai World Financial Center, China (1995-2007); and others.

Additionally, the presentation includes innovations and developments in a variety of areas involving high-rise buildingsā€¦such as the diagrid exterior wall (IBM Pittsburgh); and for World Trade Center and United States Steel Tower: prefabricated floor and wall construction in structural steel, visco-elastic dampers, metal-stud and gypsum wallboard fire-rated partitions, stack action for energy conservation, motion-simulators for the evaluation of the swaying motion of tall buildings, computer simulations, wind-engineering, the use of multiple grades of steel, mechanized parking floors, cable-stabilizing systems for elevators, resistance to explosives and aircraft impact, structural outriggers; liquid-filled exterior columns, hybrid steel columns, improved curtain-wall systems, and lateral post-tensioning for towers, and other concepts.

Further, the presentation emphasizes, by example, the importance of communication skills in the career development of young architects and engineers.