Best Tall Building 100-199 meters Award of Excellence: Morpheus, Macau

Jayananda Jesudason
Executive Vice President Construction and Design
Melco Resorts & Entertainment, Macau

Viviana Muscettola
Associate Director
Zaha Hadid Architects, London

Vertical Urbanism: What Could be the Tallest Hotel Tower in the World

This presentation focuses on a case study in design integration—the design of the Ciel Tower in Dubai. At 360 meters in height, this 1,000-key hotel, currently under construction, is slated to be among the tallest hotel towers in the world.

In a step by step analysis, this presentation explores the symbiotic relationship between structure and form. Through iterative computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and structural modeling, we present the influence of fluid dynamics on external shape making. A signature feature of this tower is a 300-meter tall atrium with vertically stacked landscaped terraces that provide occupants with much-needed communal space.

A landmark development, the Ciel Tower rises dramatically from a podium overlooking the ocean. Abstractly sculpted in metal and glass, the gently curved forms of the tower are an inspired response to vertical living—a dramatic scheme that emphasizes the sheer verticality of the tower itself. The positioning of the form on the site and the overall massing of the tower maximizes uninterrupted views for its residents. The crown of the tower comprises of a rooftop pool bar, specialty restaurant and observation deck. Hotel amenities are distributed vertically throughout the tower, each amenity accompanied by a sky terrace with uninterrupted views out across the Arabian Gulf. In a city known for its verticality, the Ciel Tower will be a unique addition to the skyline—a vertical solution that elegantly combines scientific analysis, sculptural form, and landscaped terraces.

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