Best Tall Building 100-199 meters Award of Excellence: Manhattan Loft Gardens, London

Harry Handelsman
CEO & Founder
Manhattan Loft Corporation, London

Christopher Wollaston
Associate Director
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, London

Structural Engineering Challenges on Constructability of Emerging Architecture: A Case Study

With the advancement of technology and the understanding of materials, an architectural emerging trend of adopting adventurous topology and forms is evident. Whilst, structural engineers take precautions to ensure structural stability of the building form at its completed stage, challenges remain in the stability of the structure during the construction stage.
This presentation presents a detailed study, during the construction of challenging architectural features at the proposed Waterfront Integrated Resort, Sri Lanka. The proposed Waterfront Integrated resorts project is a mixed development consisting of 6 buildings which function as a hotel, restaurants, commercial areas, residential, car park and offices. Some of the key architectural features that were considered to be challenging during construction were cantilevered protrusions featuring restaurants spanning up to 26m and an inclined stair core which consists of 24 stories at an inclination of 8˚ supporting an elevated bridge which spans 48m. The author who is the structural consultant to the project provides an insight through the analytical results and construction methods that were taken into consideration to ensure stability during construction. The structural analysis considers the sequence of construction and provides means to a method of construction that enables the stability of the structure until the structure is completed.
The study demonstrates that adequate precautionary measures should be taken to verify the stability of individual structural elements during construction in the backdrop of the aesthetic requirements of an adventurous design.

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