Innovation Award of Excellence: Parametric Digital Strategy for Morpheus

Bianca Cheung
Zaha Hadid Architects, Hong Kong

Wolf Mangelsdorf
BuroHappold Engineering, New York City

Multiple targets optimization of architectural form

The research and application of architectural form have become intensive with the technology development of building physical analysis and structural finite element analysis. Especially the high-rise building with complex structure. In general,the aim of architectural form researching is for the physical performance or the structural performance simultaneously.

Form finding can be performed with a physical performance method in order to improve comfort level for the occupants and reduce energy consumption. Such as under the constraints of the surrounding environment,to find a form of skylight that can receive the least amount of solar radiation in summer. Similarly,under the constraints of boundary condition in surroundings,structural performance method is used to find a large span shell structure with the best bearing capacity under a given load condition.

At present,the research on architectural form is mostly based on single-objective optimization.To optimize the two targets at the same time is a new direction. This presentation attempts to establish a circular algorithm between the physical performance and structural performance to find a balanced architectural form that can achieve the balance performance of physical and structural.

EFC‘s R&D group has been doing research on the facade and architectural form issue over ten years. This presentation will give a large shell structure example as the on-going project EFC is researching, the high-efficiency architectural form is well attained by in the conceptual design stage by multi-objective form finding, which achieve the balance.

By researching the multi-objective form finding of a large shell structure in the conceptual design stag, can be determined the high-efficiency architectural form in an on-going project, which achieve the balance.