Search an Architectural Engine of Baidu

Yanfei Zhao
General Manager
Baidu, Inc., Beijing

Baidu is the world's largest Chinese search engine and website, with tens of thousands of R&D engineers, mastering the most advanced search engine technology in the world and taking the mission of "making access to information equality and conveniently". With its online services penetrating into all sectors of society, the physical space accommodating the research and development of this series of products has been evolving and connecting to each other. From Baidu Beijing Headquarter designed in 2007 to Shenzhen Baidu International Building built in 2018, the six buildings of Baidu have their own understanding and exploration of culture and future, already become the "offline space engine" of Baidu Group. In this forum, the general manager of Baidu Engineering Construction Department will share with us the wonderful course of these buildings.