Future Project: A 600m+ Tower in Shenzhen

Jon Gately
bKL Architecture, Chicago

By any metric, Shenzhen has become emblematic of China’s breakneck rise to prominence in the world economy, with a skyline to match. The latest proposed addition, a 600-plus-meter tower in the Luohu district, will set the bar once again, in terms of height, aesthetics, and importantly, environmental performance. The form of the tower transforms in response to the building program, giving the structure its unique profile and evoking the relationship between people and their environment. The nine-module tower assumes a stalk-like form, containing commercial, civic, office, hotel and residential programs. As the building rises, the form gently steps back to offer areas of rainwater capture along the full façade of the building. The amount of projected rainwater capture is expected to replace the building’s annual estimated water usage.