Introduction of Energy-Saving Control Valve for HVAC System

Keita Sato
Azbil Corporation, Tokyo

Nowadays, energy saving for buildings (office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc.) is becoming increasingly important while countermeasures against global warming are being urgently required. In Japan, energy consumption of HVAC systems occupies approximately 43% of the total energy used for buildings, and therefore additional energy saving is required. Under this situation, controlling optimal hydronic balance in piping is important in order to ensure energy saving for HVAC systems.
This report introduces the motorized control two-way valve with flow measurement and control function (hereinafter shortened to energy saving control valve).

The energy saving control valve enables to reduce energy consumption for a building HVAC systems.

Energy saving effect
In conditions of equivalent calorie requirement, the flow control using the energy saving control valve (with the flow measurement function) decreased the total flow by about 20%, compared to the conventional flow control.

We developed the energy saving control valve in order to meet energy saving needs for global warming solutions.
In future, we expect that this energy saving control valve will be installed to building HVAC systems in the global market.