Interaction of a Mixed-use Complex Urban Habitat with City Context

Ye Zheng
General Manager of Design and Development Center
Parkland Group, Shenzhen

One Shenzhen Bay is a mega city mixed-use complex with residential, office, hospitality, retail and clubhouse. It’s adjacent to Shenzhen Bay and a public city park on the east side, benefits from a grand view and premier natural landscape. One Shenzhen Bay is an iconic landmark in Houhai CBD district, which has a mature urban design connecting multiple projects with continuous open public spaces and pedestrian network on the ground and the second level.

One Shenzhen Bay promotes multi functions integrating in urban context and within the project. Towers along the east perimeter are carefully planned in zigzag layout, echoing ocean waves padding on seashore design concept. The corridor open to public is located on the side of the land running through north and south, allows enough space for private residential garden, which also achieves the continuity of public open spaces in the district. Elevated bridges link the city park, retail streets, public pedestrian and residential neighborhood all together, achieves efficient interaction between different functions of the project and city context.

As a high density development project, One Shenzhen Bay’s landscape design maximizes green space mixing a series of gardens and landscape leisure zones on underground, ground and roof levels.

A professional concert hall certified by CTBUH as the world’s highest concert hall sits on top of the 350m high T7 tower. Artists from around world created multiple indoor and outdoor art installations exclusively for the project placed at the plaza, retail street, residential garden, office lobbies., etc., making One Shenzhen Bay more than a top mixed-use development, also a city living room with rich art and humanity atmosphere.