Technical Realization of CITIC Tower Based on High Performance Target

Shao Weiping
Chief Architect & Company Leader
Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, Beijing

CITIC Tower has joined the ranks of the world's super high-rise buildings as locating at the world's high classes of seismic measure zone and the fastest built super high-rise building. The technical challenges of super high-rise buildings are not found in other building types. The Height causes the pressure of scale; the challenge of building load gravity; the difficulty of traffic organization for large population gathering ,as well as anti-terrorism, fire safety performance; energy consumption, environmental protection,energy conservation; economic balance; user experience; the government and public concerns, etc. All of them will have impacts on the project.

CITIC Tower explored the overall design approach to adapt to the needs of skyscraper. Following the idea of the overall design, the design has a comprehensive planning of the architectural framework. The modular concept divides the giant building into five relatively independent and mutually influential secondary building systems.Creating a clear framework for the design, construction and operation management of the CITIC Building.