Multidimensional Solutions of Indoor Air in Commercial Space

Xiaoxia Liu
Sales Director
Shanghai Flory Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai

I. Objective: To solve indoor air pollution in commercial space.
II. Factors determining indoor air in commercial space:
1. The appearance of commercial buildings is basically composed of glass curtain walls, which absorb and reflect a lot of sunlight, resulting in higher temperature around them than other areas, resulting in a large amount of ozone production.
2. Many people gathered in the commercial building. Bacteria and pathogens spread more easily and quickly.
3. Carbon dioxide, body odor, dandruff and so on produced in the process of human metabolism.
4. All kinds of decoration materials are the main sources of indoor TVOC (organic volatiles such as formaldehyde and benzene).
5. Because of the requirement of super high-rise building, the indoor is relatively closed, and the requirement for fresh air purification equipment is high.
III. So how to solve indoor air pollution in commercial space? Here are two possible solutions:
1. Configuration of large-scale unit pipeline purification device. Features: High efficient removal of pollutants, low wind resistance, low energy consumption, easy installation, low maintenance cost.
2. Install central air conditioner air cleaner. Features: Ultra-low noise, suitable for commercial space, simple and convenient installation, can be hidden in the ceiling, without affecting the interior decoration effect.
IV. Introducing CITIC Tower Cases.