Construction Award of Excellence: Hanking Center Tower, Shenzhen

Henry Huang
Director, Structures
WSP, Hong Kong

Si Zhang
Chief Engineer
China Construction Steel Structure Corporation, Shenzhen

The World's Tallest Offset Core

The primary structural system of the Hanking Center Tower uses a combination of structural steel and reinforced concrete elements to support and compliment the unique architectural massing and varying plan layouts of the articulated tower.

The pioneering offset core at the Hanking Center Tower creates a dramatic, slender profile; the tower is the tallest offset-core building in the world. Removing the core from the tower allows an open floor plan with greater flexibility. Then, floor plates are “stretched” to optimize configurability and daylighting. Next, key service components are moved back to the tower to allow access to bathrooms, VIP elevators and stairs, while augmenting the core’s structural stability. Ultimately, an amenity space is created at the bridging point between the tower and core.

The primary offset vertical circulation core, combined with the two internal stair and elevator cores, serve as the primary lateral load-resisting system for the tower. The offset core is rigidly linked to the main tower portion with a series of sky bridges and planar diagonal links throughout the building height. The diagonal column frame on the tower face opposite the cores also acts as part of the lateral load-resisting system, and helps to reduce torsional movement under wind and seismic events. Double-height perimeter and interior megatrusses at the refuge and mechanical levels serve to equitably distribute the lateral loads among the various components, and provide a structurally economical, robust and redundant system for resisting lateral loads.

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