Façade Engineering Award of Excellence: 10 Hudson Yards, New York City

Marianne Kwok
Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, New York City

Synchronizing Four Glazing Systems into One Elegant Façade

Four major glazing systems make up the façades of 10 Hudson Yards – a glass cable wall and three types of flat, shingled, and double-shingled curtain walls. By utilizing varied and angled surfaces, the tower’s design reflects light and asserts the building’s presence within Hudson Yards and on the New York City skyline. A shingle wall, composed of staggered, overlapping glass panels, is located on all four elevations, while a double-shingle wall covers the “bustle” on the southwest side of the building. The double-shingle design bridges over the High Line, creating a sense of identity and presence at the ground and plaza level, while defining the atrium’s offset cable wall.

At the Coach headquarters lobby, a 21.9-meter continuous glazed cable wall, one of the tallest in the United States, looks out over the High Line. At the lobby’s west side, the convergence of two façade types represents a significant technical achievement, where glass meets glass without mullions to join the corner. Additional flat and shingled surfaces taper upward in symmetry with the tower’s continuously integrated window washing tracks, finally culminating in an angled piece that deepens the building’s dialogue with the adjacent 30 Hudson Yards. Three mockups of glass wall types were constructed for 10 Hudson Yards, with individual specimens built concurrently and tested consecutively, for a minimum of 28 tests each – ensuring energy efficiency, standardized panel quality and size, and aesthetic consistency.

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