Temporary and Permanent Integration of Fire Protection System Innovation in the Construction Stage of Super High-Rise Buildings

Xidong Wang
Deputy Chief Engineer
Beijing Sihai Fire Engineering Co. Ltd., Beijing

At present, high-rise buildings around the world are in the ascendant, especially the super-high-rise buildings, and the fire prevention during the construction phase has become an urgent problem.

The Beijing landmark “CITIC Building”, represented by modern architectural art, has a ground height of 528 meters. In combination with the project's own construction characteristics, it has developed a safe and reliable fire water supply fire extinguishing system, and created the concept of temporary and permanent fire protection system, and explored effective Temporary and permanent combined fire protection system conversion construction organization program.

The fire protection system of CITIC Building has realized the organic combination of the formal fire protection system and the temporary fire protection system from design, construction to operation and maintenance. It has achieved the coordinated promotion of fire protection and official fire control during the construction period, avoiding the problem of the construction period of fine decoration and closing, and realizing the construction and operation and maintenance of the building. Seamless conversion to meet the green construction needs of economy and safety.

Realizing the "temporary and permanent firefighting system" is a long-awaited expectation of the super high-rise construction industry. While ensuring the fire safety of the super high-rise building construction site, it provides a new and referable solution for the fire protection design of the high-rise building construction stage. It is of great significance for the construction of fire protection systems for other super high-rise buildings.