CITIC Tower Façade Engineering and Installation

Shenglin Zheng
Beijing Jangho Curtain Wall System Engineering Co., Ltd., Guangzhou

After 4 years of hard work, the Jangho team has completed the CITIC Tower façade engineering and installation and achieved a high-quality building façade for the client. The overall façade area is around 120,000 square meters. This height of this building is 528 meters, making it the tallest building in Beijing City. It was also listed as the tallest building to be completed in 2018 in the world.

It is with great honor for Jangho to get the change to share several highlight aspects of their work. Firstly, in the engineering aspect, Jangho implemented their high-water-leak redundant façade system to this building, ensuring a long-term quality for the client. Secondly, Jangho has achieved a full-work pipeline BIM-oriented change in the building. This method was used not only in the design stage, but BIM was also used to do geometric analysis and worked with other parties to coordinate collision detection. The whole manufacturing process is driven by the BIM platform as productivity and efficiency is promoted by this practice.

In the installation stage, due to the special building geometry, the Jangho team used BIM to do adequate simulation and pre-test for the installation method and equality before the real-site installation. This ensured a smooth progress in the building. Jangho also implemented an innovation installation system for the tower crown.

Jangho has developed a complete BIM-oriented work pipeline from design to manufacturing to construction.