Tall Building Interiors – from Now to the Future

Moira Moser
Chairman & Founder
M Moser Associates, Hong Kong

CTBUH is about Tall Buildings and the Urban Habitat. For those who occupy tall buildings every day, the urban habitat is not only outside; it is also inside tall buildings. In this way, the interior design of a skyscraper is almost like designing a city. Like any city, it is composed of both public areas such as lobbies, lifts, etc., where wayfinding, continuity and differentiation are important, and it is also composed of private areas, most often offices, where the major concern is the effectiveness of the interior space to support the individuals who work in that space. Just as we are concerned today about how tall buildings relate to sustainability in the overall urban environment (LEED, etc.), so too are we concerned about how the interior environment will support people’s inherent need to breathe fresh and clean air, interact with nature, and connect with each other (WELL). We have the means to create these healthy interior environments in our tall buildings today and into the future through design enhanced by the effective integration of fast-evolving technology.