MEP Engineering Award of Excellence: Amorepacific Headquarters, Seoul

Lin Chen
Senior Engineer
Arup, Shenzhen

Tom Cheung
Associate Director
Arup, Shenzhen

A Journey Through Time and Void

The massing and the ventilation concepts of Amorepacific Headquarters are inextricably integrated, having a profound effect on the architectural massing. In addition, the MEP scheme drove other aspects of the design, including greater flexibility in space planning for the client, more daylight and fresh air for better staff well-being, and improved acoustic comfort and privacy.

A mixed-mode ventilation system using underfloor displacement and precise acoustic considerations represented a cutting-edge approach for the local industry. Energy recovery devices are included in all centralized heating, cooling and ventilation plant. A 1-megawatt ground-source heat-pump installation augments the cooling and heating supplies to the building, together with an ice storage system, which further boosts cooling efficiency by producing and storing extra “coolth” at night to offset loads the following day. A large photovoltaic panel array on the roof is expected to produce more than 450 megawatt-hours of electricity per annum.

Rainwater harvesting, greywater treatment and low-flow water fixtures are provided to reduce potable water usage and wastewater generation. Rainwater run-off is harvested, treated, and re-used for irrigating external soft landscaping. This supply is also used for car washing facilities in the car parking areas. A central greywater treatment plant delivers a non-potable water supply for distribution throughout the building for toilet flushing.

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