Façade Engineering Award Winner: Azrieli Sarona Tower, Tel Aviv

Moshe Tzur
Moshe Tzur Architects and Town Planners, Tel Aviv

A Ventilated, Non-Orthogonal Double Skin Drives Visual Drama, Energy Savings

The geometric design of the Azrieli Sarona Tower is based on two independently rotated, twisted masses that are carefully controlled in terms of proportions, the angle of rotation, the overall layout and detailing of the skin. In order to follow the geometric form, as well as to give the project a rich architectural and conceptual design, a unique double-skin façade has been developed. Its interior layer is designed with slightly staggered and inclined rectangular white elements, which relate to Tel Aviv’s UNESCO World Heritage White City, while also referring to the existing Azrieli Towers’ façade design. The exterior layer is a smooth, clean, transparent glass, defined by parallelogram lines. The juxtaposition of the two layers creates the drama of the façade design, charging the tower with additional conceptual depth.

The double-skin façade system’s properties are specially designed for Tel Aviv’s hot climate. It is an open-cavity system, with integrated electric Venetian blinds in the cavity, for maximum shading efficiency. The relatively cool exterior air is filtered before entering the system, in order to avoid dust getting inside. The air is warmed by the heat radiation from the shading blinds, and then naturally flows upwards by convection, eventually exhausting out the top of the tower. A fan cooling system is automatically operated and activated by temperature sensors, providing auxiliary ventilation in the event of low winds or extreme heat conditions.

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