Innovation Award of Excellence: Robotic Installation System for Elevators

Jonathan Mansour
Senior VP Key Account Management
Schindler, Shanghai

Christian Studer
Head of New Technologies
Schindler, Lucerne

Robots on the RISE

The robotic installation system for elevators (R.I.S.E.) is a demonstration project on how robotics can be applied in the construction industry, with particular focus on elevator installation. It consists of an industrial robot on a platform, which is automatically lifted up the elevator shaft and locks itself in place where the work needs to be performed. To do this, the robot digitally maps the shaft, scans for rebar, drills holes into the concrete and mounts anchor bolts with precision. In a second step, (human) fitters can then move into the shaft, mount the rail brackets on the prepared positions, and complete the elevator installation. The system has been successfully demonstrated at customer installations in Europe, and is now being further developed to be seamlessly integrated into the installation process of an elevator, with the potential for technology transfer to the entire construction industry.