Construction Award Winner: Atira La Trobe Street, Melbourne

George Abraham
Managing Director
Hickory Group, Melbourne

Prefabrication for Faster Time-to-Value in Urban High-Rises

As one of the world’s tallest prefabricated student accommodation buildings, Atira La Trobe Street Student is a pioneering project. Hickory Building Systems (HBS) is a patented building technology that allows prefabricated buildings to be constructed to greater heights than other, established modular technology is capable of reaching. Predesigned, interchangeable componentry such as core, shear walls, bathrooms and facades were built off-site, in parallel with on-site works, and transported to site for fast and efficient installation. Once assembled on-site, the integrated system locks together, offering exceptional structural stability and enabling fit-out to quickly progress behind the protection of the pre-attached façade. Concrete was shot between units, allowing the walls of the module structure to become an integrated structural system, providing strength and integrity that is equivalent to continuous formwork in a traditional high-rise building. This method of construction has enabled this high-rise building to be completed up to 30 percent faster than using conventional methods, and is safer, more sustainable and less disruptive to the neighboring community.

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