Best Tall Building 300-399 meters Award of Excellence: China Resources Tower, Shenzhen

Raichey Zheng
General Manager
China Resources Shenzhen Bay Development, Shenzhen

James von Klemperer
Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, New York City

A Cultural Icon Makes its Mark

The China Resources Headquarters tower marks Shenzhen’s cultural development with its distinctive form and diverse uses for tenants and the public at large. Strategically positioned to overlook Shenzhen Bay in the Houhai District, the tower anchors the larger Business District Master Plan, linking to public transportation and flanked by the Shenzhen Sports Complex to the north, and the linear greenbelt to the south.

Inspired by the organic form of the bamboo shoot, the building’s 56 stainless-steel-clad exo-columns converge into 28 pillars at the top and bottom, creating a diagrid system and further emphasizing the tower’s verticality and tapered composition. The unique diagrid structure allows the building’s interior floor plan to be free of columns, opening its floor plates to express the radial symmetry of the circular footprint. They converge at its pinnacle, topped by a stainless-steel spire, fabricated in a single piece, and culminate at a “sky hall” with a unique interior view of the spire. This geometric precision is mirrored at the ground level, where the diagrid system’s columns unite to create a series of entry portals between precisely-tapered anchor points. Faceted, triangulated glass panels form the base and the apex of the building’s sculptural framework, illuminating at night and reflecting with a jewel-like brilliance across Shenzhen’s waterfront business district.

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