Best Tall Building 200-299 meters Winner: Shenzhen Energy Headquarters, Shenzhen

Fang Ping
Project Director
Shenzhen Energy Company, Shenzhen

Brian Yang
Bjarke Ingels Group, New York City

BIG Designs Pleated Skyscraper for Shenzhen Energy Company

The Shenzhen Energy HQ is based on an efficient and well-proven floor plan, enclosed in a skin specifically modified and optimized for the local subtropical climate. The building includes the headquarters for Shenzhen Energy Company on the topmost 13 floors, rentable office space in the remaining floors, three rooftop terraces, meeting rooms, executive clubs and a parking garage below-grade. The north and south towers are linked by an eight-story podium housing the main lobbies, commercial areas, conference centers and a cafeteria.

By folding parts of the envelope that would reduce solar loads and glare, a façade with closed and open parts oscillates between transparency on one side and opacity on the other. The sinuous direction of the folded wall corresponds to the solar orientation, maximizing north-facing openings for natural light and views, while minimizing exposure on the sunny sides. According to the simulation analysis of buildings’ sunshine effect, the outer façade uses a 45-degree-angle aluminum-plate curtain wall and glass curtain wall alternately, which not only shields rooms from direct light, but also opens the line of sight in the direction of the important landscape as well as stretching the partial outer façade.

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