Best Tall Building 100-199 meters Award of Excellence: One Park Taipei, Taipei

Jiansheng Tsai
General Manager
YUAN LIH Construction Co., LTD., Taipei

Ivan Harbour
Senior Partner
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London

Architectural Acrobatics and Verdant Views

The One Park Taipei development consists of two high-rise residential towers adjacent to Da An Park, a 26-hectare public green space popular with locals. The two towers are staggered to maximize views across the park to the west, and to the stunning views of Yang Ming Mountain to the north, the Wulai hot springs district to the south, and the city's iconic Taipei 101 tower.

The towers are clad in articulated quartz zinc, a material chosen for its durability and ease of fabrication off-site. The rooftop mechanical elements are screened, but not entirely blocked from view, in keeping with the same aesthetic that exposes columns and articulates the stair cores. The effect of the exposed stricture is particularly notable at the lobby level, where a cube of cable-reinforced glass appears to “drop” from the structure into a circular water feature at grade.

To stabilize the towers during high winds and earthquakes, the central bay columns on the north, west and south façades have additional prop-assist columns. The project is occupied by a mix of individuals and families. Residents regularly use the amenities within the development, including a rooftop terrace and two swimming pools at the ground level, surrounded by vegetated trellises and topped with a brightly painted, louvered steel canopy.

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