Best Tall Building 100-199 meters Award of Excellence: Crystal Laputa Towers, Chengdu

Yaping Yang
General Manager
Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group, Chengdu

Jay Cheng
Associate Principal
5+design, Los Angeles

Luxury Layered Living at Height with a Multimodal Movement System

Crystal Laputa is a vertical residential community in Chengdu consisting of two high-rise towers and one mid-rise building, nestled in a park-like setting along the water’s edge in the Luxelakes development, a master-planned community intended to accommodate up to 100,000 people when complete.

Through a series of sky parks, land bridges and waterways, the buildings are connected to, and become a part of, a multimodal movement system for residents, rooted in the ecological features of the nearby lake and green spaces. These bridges link and unify three different modes of transit: pedestrian walkways, a vehicle roadway, and docks for the project’s on-site fleet of water taxis.

In the high-rise towers, three units stem outwards from the core, connected by sky terraces, and share one infinity pool between them. Portions of each unit cantilever outwards from the building, providing sweeping 270-degree views on three sides. On the exterior, the tower façades vary in form in response to different unit configurations, exhibiting pushed and pulled surfaces that distinguish each unit from the next. The interlocking volumes and connecting bridges intersect at soft angles, providing a range of views within and across the project, as well as an array of faces to the exterior.

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