Best Tall Building under 100 meters Award of Excellence: Lè Architecture, Taipei

Robert Tsai
Earnest Development & Construction Corporation, Taipei

Yijun Qian
Aedas, Hong Kong

Standing Out in Taipei: Lè Architecture’s Distinguished Sculptural Form

In a local context where nearly every building is cubic in form, the most appropriate strategy for realizing a truly differentiated project resided in pursuing an organic form. For a site adjacent to the Jilong River, the design for Lè Architecture, an office building, draws inspiration from the shape of river pebbles, developing the unique aesthetic that simultaneously conveys ideas of softness and elegance, as well as strength and character.

The narrow site is separated from the river by an elevated highway, and a busy surface road runs on its southern boundary, which created complications in providing both insulation from traffic noise and the desired views of the river. The solution was to turn its narrowest faces perpendicular to the highway, arterial street and river, while the broader faces are oriented to take in more sweeping views of the cityscape.

On the west face, a series of vertical “green belts” containing vegetated planters provide sun-shading for the interior office spaces; there is more limited glazing on this side as well. On the east face, full-height windows are provided, with extruded fins. The north and south ends feature a series of vegetated outdoor terraces, which adjoin the communal, multi-use spaces in the building – not continuously occupied by tenants, so their comparatively greater exposure to traffic noise is compensated by their relatively lower frequency of use.

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