Urban Habitat - Single-Site Scale Winner: Kampung Admiralty, Singapore

Hwee Yian Ng
Housing & Development Board, Singapore

Darren Chen
WOHA Architects, Singapore

Bringing Singapore’s First Integrated Public Development to Life

Advantageously located adjacent to a public transport hub, Kampung Admiralty is an integrated public housing development aimed at senior citizens in the Woodlands district of Singapore. The scheme builds upon a layered approach. A “vertical kampung (village)” is devised, consisting of a “People’s Plaza” in the lower stratum, a medical center in the middle stratum, and a community park with apartments for seniors in the upper stratum. These three distinct strata juxtapose various building uses to foster cross-programming and free up the ground level for activity generators.

The People’s Plaza is a fully public, porous and pedestrianized ground plane, designed as a community living room. The breezy tropical plaza is shaded and sheltered by the medical center above, allowing activities to continue, rain or shine. Residents can actively come together to exercise, chat or tend to the urban farm at the community park, an intimately-scaled, elevated village green. A total of 104 apartments are provided in two 11-story blocks for the elderly. “Buddy benches” at shared entrances encourage seniors to come out of their homes and interact with their neighbors. By perforating the building form with breezeways, porous façades, sheltered decks, skygardens and landscaped terraces, the building is designed to breathe, with cross-ventilation making tropical living, learning and healing spaces without air-conditioning possible. This one-stop integrated complex maximizes land use, and is a prototype for meeting the needs of Singapore’s aging population.

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