Best Tall Building under 100 meters Award of Excellence: Emblem, Sydney

Bryan Zhang
Development Executive
JQZ, Sydney

Phillip Rossington
BVN Architecture, Sydney

Careful Daylighting Yields Illuminated Living

Emblem sits within a large urban rejuvenation area located midway between Sydney’s central business district and its international airport. Its design establishes a strong architectural response that integrates it into the developing urban context, modulates its form to respond to neighboring buildings, and extends the landscaping of the adjacent park vertically. A horizontal cut in the building at the eighth floor responds to the eight-story height limit of the neighboring buildings. Here, there is a communal skygarden that allows residents to enjoy the significant views from the site, within a sheltered environment. Above the skygarden, the underside of the slab above is mirrored, so as to cast light deeper into the garden when the sun is at low angles, as well as draw the eye up to the garden from the street.

Detailed internal daylighting studies were undertaken to ensure lower level apartments met or exceeded natural-lighting requirements. The result is that 70 percent of all apartments receive a minimum of two hours of sunlight into their living rooms, and balconies between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in mid-winter.

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