Urban Habitat - District/Master Plan Scale Award of Excellence: Changsha Jinmao Meixi Lake International Plaza, Changsha

Chao Liu
General Manager
Jinmao (China) Hotel Investments Management Limited, Shanghai

Quanhong Li
Vice President
CallisonRTKL, Shanghai

Inspired by Water

This project, consisting of two mixed-use gateway towers and a shopping mall, surrounding a large green space, takes maximum advantage of its unique landscape resources and convenient transportation adjacency. To the south is Meixi Lake; Yuelu Mountain is to the southeast. Its eastern boundary is adjacent to Meixi Lake Culture and Art Center, while its northwest corner connects to Changsha Metro Line 2. A series of sunken squares, indoor atriums, and below-grade “Canal Street” add to the sense of permeability and variation.

Proximity to water is a theme throughout; the Canal Street is composed of moving channels, musical fountains, and aquatically-themed seating. Natural lighting and ventilation are fully developed throughout the design and used wherever possible. This extends to the plazas and canal street, which are lit from above by a steel-and-ETFE “cloud” skylight. Tubes guide natural light into the more-remote subterranean areas.

The landscape concept comes from the patterns established by sand deposits in the nearby Xiangjiang River, crossed with the appearance of a spread of fallen flowers. The site is divided into several thematic spaces. The main entrance to the northwest corner is centered by the "Water Tree,” and forms a circle of “Ripple Plazas,” paved with gray and yellow stones. The Water Drop Plaza is surrounded by circular, luminous seats. The edge of the Ripple Plazas consists of luxuriantly green, vegetation-covered “sandbars.”

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