Urban Habitat - Single-Site Scale Winner: Kampung Admiralty, Singapore

Hwee Yian Ng
Housing & Development Board, Singapore

Mun Summ Wong
Founding Director
WOHA Architects, Singapore

Creating Inter-Generational and Neighborhood Connections Through Design

Located on a tight 0.9-hectare site with a height limit of 61 meters, Kampung Admiralty is an infill development in a mature housing estate, close to public transport, in a central, convenient location within the Woodlands district in the northern part of Singapore. An integrated public housing development aimed at senior citizens, the objective was to create inter-generational and neighborhood connections.

The scheme is a prototype for land-use-intensification, aimed specifically at an aging society. To optimize space efficiency, a “Vertical Kampung (village)” is devised, with a community plaza in the lower stratum, a medical center in the middle stratum, and a community park with apartments for seniors in the upper stratum. These three distinct strata juxtapose the various building uses to foster diversity of cross-programming and free up the ground level for activity generators. Residents and neighbors come here for performances, or to join group activities like outdoor dance classes or exercise.

Perforated with breezeways, porous façades, sheltered decks, sky gardens and landscaped terraces, the building is designed to breathe, with cross-ventilation making tropical living, learning and healing spaces without air-conditioning possible. Treating vegetation as part of the building's material palette, architectural greenery reduces the urban heat island effect, provides visual relief and buffering noise.

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