Urban Habitat - Single-Site Scale Award of Excellence: 150 North Riverside, Chicago

Anthony Scacco
Riverside Investment & Development, Chicago

James Goettsch
Chairman, Co-CEO
Goettsch Partners, Chicago

Translating Site Constraints into an Urban Asset

The narrow building footprint of 150 North Riverside allows for more than 75 percent of its site to be outdoor space, vastly increasing the pedestrian experience on the site. The park and plaza provide more than 1,000 linear feet (305 meters) of seating, multiple assembly/event spaces and 360 feet (110 meters) of at-grade frontage along the river, which has become one of the most populated walkways for downtown commuters.

The site is composed of two main areas, an entrance and pedestrian plaza on the south and east of the site, and an elevated park on the west. The plaza is the primary entrance into the building, and is a link for pedestrians traveling along the riverfront of the Riverside Plaza right-of-way, with terraced seating overlooking the river. The park is built on the roof of the parking garage structure and is accessed by three stairs and a switchback ramp.

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