Renovation Award of Excellence: Torre Europa, Madrid

Jorge Beroiz
CallisonRTKL, London

From ‘Totally Eighties’ to Contemporary Tall

Originally constructed in 1985 in the heart of the city’s business district, Torre Europa is one of the 10 tallest buildings in Madrid’s skyline, and has long been a beacon for global business in Spain. When work began, the tower was 40 percent vacant. The tower needed to respond to the new urban needs of Madrid and the modern user, while offering a smarter and more sustainable building and a more desirable place to work. To add to the challenge, the refurbishment had to take place without suspending the ordinary operation of the companies located in the tower.

Torre Europa now has “intelligent” systems that are Internet-connected and collect data on their performance, including a connected lighting system (CLS). This enables energy savings, performance tracking, personalized spaces, and deep insight into how spaces are used. The entrance lobby was reduced in size by 50 percent and modernized, resulting in a more efficient space, both in terms of use and energy. As a result, a new public entry plaza was created, connecting Torre Europa to its surrounding urban environment. The architects also replaced the tower's exposed concrete façade with a textured stainless steel, enhancing its modern appeal for a target market of international office tenants. The lettable area has been increased by 30 percent within the original footprint and new ground floor retail units maximize rental income.

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