Innovation Award of Excellence: Building Maintenance Unit and Vertical Delivery Planning at H Queen's

William Lim
Managing Director
CL3 Architects Ltd, Hong Kong

High Art: Delivering Precious Goods Under Tight Conditions

Hong Kong is known both for its extreme density and its vibrant art market. It was only a matter of time before the two came together in a challenging way. H Queen’s is the first custom-designed tall building to accommodate world-class art galleries in a vertical mall. This project was designed with an integrated building maintenance unit (BMU), affixed to the top floor, coupled with a telescopic jib to horizontally deliver the artworks to building interior, thus delivering artwork through openings in the operable façade. The BMU has a lifting capacity of 1,250, and the openings in the façade measure 3.65 meters high and 4.35 meters wide, on each gallery floor. The BMU, together with the large sliding façade panels, enables the smooth and efficient movement of artwork to different floors, ushering in the potential for tall buildings to be considered as appropriate places for large-scale art galleries.